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Java SE 7 Certification Book - Download Now

It was a time when Sun Certification was very hot and programmers were proud to be Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP). When Sun changed to Oracle in the beginning of 2010, Oracle changed the names of all the examinations from the SCJP or OCRJP from OCJP, and now for OCA and OCP Java SE7. I think there is a lot of confusion between certification nowadays, but essentially they are the same level on the previous SCJP because Java facilitates new language with every new release, a new certification title is presented later.

By the way, many Java programmers also ask me, whether doing Java certification benefits in Job search or in long term Java programming role, In short, Yes, they do.

This post is not about debating Java certification, but about preparing for them. I received a lot of emails from my readers when I wrote my post My Java Certification Story, and they asked me for the suggestion on how to excel on OCPJP, books, and resource to prepare etc.

In this post, we will see a couple of good books prepare for OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) for Java SE 7 exam. In short you can call it OCPJP 7.

Following are a couple of books for Java SE 7 Certification exams. These books are pretty much standard and everyone follows them, they are also updated to cover the exact syllabus of OCA or OCP Java SE 7 exams.

1. OCA and OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) (Certification Press) - Download

2. A Programmer's Guide to OCP Java SE 7 Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (4th Edition) - Download

After clearing your basics knowledge through above books, please go for following dumps. It will help you for scoring a very good score in oracle Java SE 7 certification.Even I could score 99% in Java certification.

See my Java certification story - how I scored 99%.  

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