Thursday, 10 August 2017

Google Fired An Engineer - Why?

Google has removed one of its employees, who have written 10-page documents called "Google's idealistic echo chamber", which became viral on weekends

Google has removed one of its employees, who have written 10-page documents called "Google's idealistic echo chamber", which became viral on weekends. The employee confirmed Bloomberg to his firing saying that he had been terminated for 'sustaining gender conservatism'. Google has not commented on this matter yet
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After discussion on topics related to gender and diversity, the viral went to the content of the controversial content within the disputed organization. This post went to the extent of saying that women were not paid less because of any prejudice in the same situation as men, but due to the inherent psychological difference between gender.

Google is currently defending itself from a lawsuit from the Labor Department of America, which is alleging that the company systematically discriminates against women, at such a time, employing a person who only has 10-page documents Publishes to promote discrimination; it is the last thing that the company wants to deal with.
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In addition to being expected, the number mentioned in the Manifesto with many Google employees did not go down very well, the new vice president for Diversity, Integrity and Governance at Google, Daniel Brown also sent a memorandum to Google-rs on this issue . "Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values ​​and culture which we cultivate. We are clear in our belief that diversity and inclusion are important to our success as a company, and we will stand for it and commit For the long run, "said Brown

According to Rikode, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a memo saying that the employee has violated Google's Code of Conduct, and this post has crossed the line by moving forward the harmful gender conservatives in our workplace. There are signs of a group of colleagues that they are biologically friendly to work less and are not aggressive right. "The entire memo is available on the record.
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Pichai has also reduced the duration of her vacation and with her leadership team, Sundar Pichai will address Goglars in a Town Hall meeting on Thursday.


The 28-year-old had been working at the company since 2013 after achieving a PhD in systems biology from Harvard University, according to his social media profiles. He claimed he was fired in an email to far right news website Breitbart: “They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes,’” he wrote.

His 10-page document started circulating among Google employees on Friday and was first reported by tech news website Motherboard before being published in full by Gizmodo.

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