Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Anonymous Hackers claims, NASA can reveal sensational linkages with Aliens!

International hacking group anonymous claims NASA Announce About Aliens
International hacking group anonymous claims NASA Announce About Aliens

Nasa is soon going to make a big announcement to the Aliens. International hacking group Anonymous claims that the US space agency NASA has said could soon disclosed by taking the existence of Aliens.
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Anonymous also mentioned this on their website. Anonymous said that the basis of these claims is the key find of NASA. A NASA spokesman had given some hints associated with the discovery of the Aliens in April. Professor Thomas Jurbgn told the Congress that began a few days NASA hand Aliens the important information at hand. He also said that NASA is very close to finding important evidence related to the existence of aliens.

Anonymous has posted video

Anonymous has also posted a video on this topic. In which the comments made by people on the discoveries and information related to the universe have been included. Anonymous has written that there is definitely a lot of information in NASA's mission for the search of aliens.

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