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How to get a free mobile number and email for online verifications?

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How to get free mobile number

Hello, welcome once again, in this post I came with wonderful post "how to get a free phone number for online verification's like Facebook, gmail, whatsapp and so. 
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So, one of the most popular website AirMail is a free temporary email service, which gives you a feature to create a free email adderess without any verification. It gives a random email address which you can use when registering to new websites or test-driving untrusted services that are ot secure and you think it could mislead you. 
All emails received by AirMail servers are displayed automatically in your online browser inbox whenever you get any new mail on that random address. 
It automatically update your inbox in every 6-7 seconds so no need t update it or refresh it manually.
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So let's follow the steps to get a temporary email.

  • Go to on your web browser, make sure you have a working internet connection.
  • Done, you got a random mail.
  • If you would like to store the mails please bookmark the page.
Now let's get a free phone number, follow the below steps.
  • Download "TEXTME" app from the official playstore from any smart phone or computer.
  • Install it and open the application.
  • Now create a account with temporary email which you have created using AIRMAIL.
  • Once account created then loggen In.
  • Now you will get a free phone number by just entering an area code.
You're done now. Enjoy!!!
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