Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Access Blocked Sites Without a Proxy - Easiest Way

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As recently we are shocked because government has been blocked many sites and I got many email to share easiest way to surf that sites without any security major problems.

So I'm going to share a standalone and a  useful and easiest way to watch and access blocked sites without any kind of proxy and setup. Just you need to follow some of our steps and then you would be able to enjoy magics of internet.
Cyber Ghost
Step 1 - First of all goto CyberGhost VPN official site and then you have to download setup file(Link is also given below to download setup file), don't worry it's simple and don't required any complicated setup process.

Download setup from below link-


Step 2 - After downloading setup file from official site, install it, probably it will takes few minutes of time for a proper installation.
Step 3 - Once your setup finished directly goto and create a free account, it's only to confirm your account type, it will never ask to login each and every time.
Step 4 - After above steps and process start Cyber Ghost and wait until it connects to its servers.

After successful connectivity, enjoy full internet without any limitation.


How Cyber Ghost or Other VPN Works To Unblock Sites?

Intresting, VPN means Virtual Private Network as definition it gives you components to surf private, secretly and access blocked or blue-pencilled substance. It offers first rate security and obscurity without being confused to utilize or easing off your web association.

VPN route your connection to their own data center means if your current location is India after connecting your connection route some where else and that's reason you can able to access blocked site.

Good and Bad with Cyber Ghost VPN -

Cyber Ghost awesome as my review and also perfect for free users.Each connection stable for 3 hours without disconnected.Better speed and no capping like proxy and other VPN.Anonymous and hide your privacy till usesMost trusted and secure featured on top site like TechCrunch, The New York Times etc.Easiest Way To Watch Blocked Sites Without Proxy

Why you should use VPN if you don't want to see blocked site ?
If you are using Wi-fi or shared network and connection bypass using any router then it confirms your privacy depends on your service provider. Your each internet access going through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and every privacy depend on them.

Using VPN your connection routed and your ISP can't able to see what you are watching. It works like above image.

Important- Being anonymous is good but only for good reason, so I'm sure you are not going to any misuse this useful tutorial. If this helped you take a second to like and share.

Thanks and stay blessed!

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