Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to Submit Your Resume to Google?

Hello all, Today I'm going to tell, how to submit effective resume directly to Google.
There are a few ways - with different levels of effectiveness:

(1) The Google Careers page: 
Least effective. This has a very little chance of conversion. Chances are you'll never hear back.

(2) Reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn: 
Moderately effective. There are positions which aren't necessarily advertised on their careers page. Recruiters can tell you about those - but it isn't easy. Most recruiters just don't respond.

(3) Referral:
Best way. Know someone who works at Google? Ask them to introduce you or make a referral.

(4) Staffing companies:
Second best way: In my opinion. If you can build a good rapport with a recruiter who handles Google positions within the staffing company, that's a VERY good start. Several legit staffing companies hire for contract positions at Google. Contracting is a good way to get in. By “legit staffing companies”, I mean companies who pitch real candidates to their clients - not fake candidates with inflated resumes.

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EDIT: I’ll share the names of a few staffing companies that have worked reasonably well  in the past. I do not know if they have Google positions or not but if you're just generally looking, some the companies are here that  could help you.

(1) CDI
(2) TekSystems
(3) PRO Unlimited
(4) Vaco
(5) Adecco
(6) Collabera

In my personal experience, recruiters from staffing companies tend to be a little more responsive compared to direct recruiters.

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