Thursday, 16 March 2017

Do you know, what type of programming technologies should You learn to get into Google?

Frankly speaking you don't even need this degree man if you are a hardcore programmer.
If you are well versed in programming then google is looking for a candidate like you.

One student from Hyderabad who just completed 10th and diploma discontinued but have 5 certification courses in C, C++, java, Oracle , Python but he is an hard core programmer he cleared 9 rounds of interview and got placed in google with a package of 9.7 lakhs per month.
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So if you are passionate about it and an expert in programming then nothing can stop you entering in it. Start doing certifications and make yourself unique.
All those higher degrees too.

Have a passion and start working for it.

All the best.

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Hi where should I apply to get job in Google?

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