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Top 10 Hidden Secrets of Google

We all know Google as the Search engine giant which can search indeed a Ghost for you if somewhere it was present on the internet. According to Alexa rank, Google is the most used search engine and on top position in Alexa rank directory. Google offers to its users more than 250 services and we only use a few of them like Gmail, YouTube, Google Blog, Google Drive, Google Plus etc. But today I am going to tell about those hidden services that are very lesser known to a general Google user and these hidden services or features really can drive you to use like an Expert Googler. First of all login quickly to your Google account to see how amazing these services are? If has not an account on Google can quickly create one from Here.

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Google Password Manager:

                  On the internet, most of every site we browse use a login system to browsing and I always forget my username and password as I have a very bad memory to remember those critical passwords. Your passwords from Chrome and Android are saved with Google Smart Lock and accessible to you across devices. Google online password storage utility helped me a lot to remember those critical passwords when going to login into those sites. Surely you want to try this service if you are an internet addicted and have lots of login username and password. Simply go here to manage your password. Click Here. 

Web and App Activity:

                 Google remembers our search history whatever we search on google. I had searched a song last week on google and found it on a site, as I told, I have a very bad memory now I can`t remember what was the site name. But luckily when I go through Google web and app activity web page then I found my search keyword and the site name that I have clicked on the result name. So if you forget something searched on Google like me you can find from Here.

Location History:

                  If you have enabled location history on your devices. Google use Google maps to obtain your current location. Location History helps you get useful information - for example, automatic commute predictions, better path direction from home to your office, improved search results, and more useful ads on and off Google - by creating a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices.
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                 Google regularly obtains location data from devices for which you've turned on Location History to create this map. This data is collected even when you aren't using a specific Google product. Click here to turn on Location History.

How to open and calculate with Google?

                 Every computer and mobile device have a calculator built in, but thanks to Google you don’t need to go searching for it. Just type the sum into the Google search bar, and it’ll calculate it for you.

How to make a country-specific search?

                 Google has made country specific search engine for best search result available in your nearby area, for example in India it is and for the United Kingdom, it is Thanks to Wikipedia`s exclusive article on Google country specific domain name page. If you travel a lot across countries surely this Wikipedia`s list will help you to find out the nearby restaurant for you when you are really hungry.

How to make a search by Image? 

                Definitely, you know how to search an image on google but do you know how to search by Image. You are browsing a web page and stumble upon on a beautiful image to know the origin of the image place or want more image similar this one. Don`t worry Google offers search by image option to find the answer what going on your mind after seen the image. Open and clicking the camera icon in the search bar. This brings up two options: either paste the URL of the image you’ve found (i.e. what’s in the address bar when the image is the only thing on the screen) or save the image and upload the image from your computer to find out what it is. If you are a Google chrome user then you can use Search by image extension by Google do the same job easily.

Google Converter: Easy way to convert

                  Do not look after a dedicated converter when Google is ready to convert for you. You can use Google as a currency converter, length converter, weight converter or temperature converter and so on. For example, converting 100 euros in the dollar just type “100 euros in dollar” or converting 39° Celsius in Fahrenheit just type “39 Celsius to Fahrenheit”. Is not look like to easy convert than a dedicated converter?
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                   Website developers are already well known about Google font. Google has been stored more than 900 true type beautiful font in their server to serve you. If are looking for some beautiful font for your college project or your office presentation then this link will definitely help to find ones for you. Link to Google Font.

Check which Apps and Sites are connected with your Google Account:

                   We visit a new website every day when browsing Internet and use our Google account for easy signup.Later we rarely remember some site or that we remember only those sites which we regularly use. To view and remove unnecessary site authorisation with your Google Account simply login to your Google account and Click Here.

Enable safe search For Google search:

                   Is your tech savvy kids are using your computer or your smartphone. When searching Google may some result contain explicit words or Images but turning on safe search Google can block that explicit or adult content  from search result. And you if you want more security then turn on Lock safe search also. Locking safe search will help you to restrict to change the safe search settings for your kids and it will use a strict filtering for explicit and adult content. To enable safe search login to your Google account and Click Here and then click on Search Settings and then follow the simple step.

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