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Top 30 Google Chrome Shortcuts and Tricks

   Google Inc. initially release Chrome browser in 2008. Chrome`s popularity increasingly increase day by day and now it is the world most popular web browser and in top position among other modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari. Google has made Chrome for faster browsing experience besides enhancing complete browsing security and well-designed customization and a lot of add-on availability. They have included some compelling and impressive features and shortcut for an enjoyable web browsing. Here a detail description of such magnetic and impressive features.

Chrome can synchronize your settings, bookmarks, saved password or history across a variety of Chrome supported device. Sign into Chrome with your Google Id and password to sync and get the best Chrome browsing experience. To sign in click on the upper right hotdog (Tripple bar) icon and go to settings or type in the Omnibar Chrome://Settings or click on profile icon beside the minimize button.

1. Press CTRL+T for a quick new tab.

2. Press CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 for close your current tab. You can also fast close a tab by click middle button of the mouse on a tab.

3.Press CTRL+1-8 show you 1-8 no tab from your current tab and press CTRL+9 to go to the last tab from your current tab.

4. CTRL+SHIFT+T reopens your last closed tab; Google Chrome can remember your last ten browsing tabs.

5. Drag a tab away to make a separate window or click and drag to rearrange your opened tab.

6. CTRL+H will open your browsing history.

7. Click and hold on the back or forward button show you history for the current browsing tab

8. Select some text from a web page and drag and drop to the omnibar will show the Google search result for the selected text or drag and drop to the tab bar blank space will show the Google search result for the selected tab in a new tab.

9. Drag and drop a link to the omnibar to open them in the current or drag to tab bar to open them in a new tab.

10. To search a text in the current tab press CTRL+F (For Windows) and CMD+F (For MAC)

11. Drag a download file from the download bar to desktop or any folder to move the download file to the drag path location or directly upload to a  website who support drag and drop uploading.

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12. Right click on any tab and select Pin tab, Google Chrome remember and will pin your tab in the extreme left of the tab bar and open when you reopen Google Chrome. Another lovable feature of pin tab is you can not accidentally close the tab because the close button is not available in the pinned tab.

13. Need a home button, Go to appearance under settings and tick mark on show home button. Beside refresh button, you will have your home button now.

14. The best thing about your security in Google Chrome is Incognito mode, Its a kind of stealth mode in this mode Google Chrome will not remember your browsing history or download history. It will also delete your cookies when you close Google Chrome. To open a new Incognito mode window press CTRL+SHIFT+N. 

15. Another compelling feature is Google Chrome task manager. You can view and manage which tab consume how much system memory or you can kill them according to your need. To access Google Chrome task manager press SHIFT+ESC. 

16. Setup multiple user profiles will help you separate and inaccessible your browsing session and history to your friends and family. Search settings with keyword people or go to chrome://settings/search#people from the address bar. Adding people will also allow passwording to protect your Google Chrome from other people access. Follow the easy instruction to add people. 

17. Browse the extension and chrome app store to get more extensions from extension management settings under settings menu or click Here.

18. CTRL+SHIFT+B will toggle the bookmark bar on or off.

19. Type a URL and press ALT+ENTER will open the URL in new tab.

20. CTRL + SHIFT +V =  Paste content from the clipboard without formatting (ie, paste in plain text)

21. Paste and search make easy to search a copied text, no need to paste first then hitting enter or clicking go button just right click on address bar or omnibar and select paste and search.

22. Holding CTRL and forward scrolling of mouse zoom in the page or backward scrolling zoom out the page. CTRL+0 will reset the zoom in or out to default.

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23. Easy bookmarking by clicking star icon at the end of the address bar or we all know simple key combination CTRL+D from a keyboard but here a bit more try CTRL+SHIFT+D and this will add all open current tab bookmark in a new folder.

24. The basic calculation can do by typing in the address bar. Try this one, for example, a simple percentage calculation, 250*12.5% and hit enter.

25. Chrome://chrome-urls/ lists all available chrome:// URLs , explore it! You will be find lot more than your imagination.

26. CTRL+J will open a new tab showing all download. ALT+ left click on a link will download the target file of that link.

27. Go to the developer tools and use the console as a scientific calculator!

28. Middle clicking on a link will open the link in a new tab in the background without interrupting your current tab working. It is work on page link as well as drop down search item on the omnibar also.

29. You may know that pressing the space bar will scroll down one page's length on any Web page -- but did you know that pressing Shift and the space bar will scroll up in the same manner?

30. Hitting the F11 key on the keyboard will take you full-screen mode in Google Chrome.

31. Some extensions are useful to have to run only in the background -- so why have those taking up space on your browser's toolbar? You can hide any Chrome extension from view by right-clicking on its icon and select "Hide button" from the drop-down menu that appears.

32. Chrome can automatically pick up where you last left off. Go to chrome://settings and change the option under "On startup" to "Continue where I left off." The next time you open your browser, it'll launch with whatever tabs and windows you had open when you last used it.

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