Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to protect a website with password in browser?

Internet Explorer is the third most used Internet web browser followed by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft is updating Internet explorer to protect web browsing in a various way with outstanding security control features like smart screen filter, site authentication, site certificate, security zone and content advisor. Sometimes we want to protect some website from unauthorised access or just want to protect access from your tech-savvy kids. Protect website access with a password will restrict from accessing a specific website or all website on Internet Explorer on a windows computer.

                    This process will password protect on IE 9 or an earlier version, Open Internet explorer>Tools>Internet Option>Content Tab>Content Advisor>Click on Enable>General tab on content advisor window>Create Password(Supervisor password)> Give Password and confirm password and type a hint.

Press all apply and ok to save the settings and restart internet explorer to work saved settings. Next time anyone who will try to open a website or a web page a content adviser password protect window will open and offer you to provide your supervisor password to gain access to that web page or website. There will be three options available for that accessing websites, will content adviser prompt again for the supervisor password or remember to give access to that website or that particular web page.
       Always allow the site to be viewed without the password.       Always allow that specific web page to be viewed without the password.       Allow viewing only this time – Allow the site to open one time only.

This way you can also decide on which sites you would like to allow unrestricted access and which sites you’d like to disallow.

How to enable password to protect website on Internet explorer 10 and Above version:

            Besides updating OS version Microsoft simultaneously updated Internet Explorer features and security and settings, a later version of Internet explorer 9 content advisor is directly missing on the internet options content tab. Either you need to enable it from Group policy settings or Just open the RUN window by pressing Windows+R and type the following command and press enter
Rundll32.exe msrating.dll, RatingSetupUI

Enable Content advisor for Windows 10 PC from Group Policy Settings:

                  Open RUN window and type gpedit.msc and press enter and then navigate to Computer configuration>Administrative templates>Windows components>Internet explorer>Internet control panel>Content page on the right side double click on Show content advisor on Internet options or click on Policy Setting to edit policy settings

            On edit policy setting window change the current setting to enable to show content advisor settings on Internet option content tab. Press ok to save and sign out and sign in again to work group policy settings.

       All done, Your Windows 10 PC has the direct content advisor settings available on the internet options content tab.

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