Thursday, 5 January 2017

How to Check Windows Version and Build Number?

Whenever we need to install some software or games on our computer, we need to sure about the minimum requirement for successful installation. As a part of those requirements, Operating system version and build no also countable as a vital element. You can not install a game on a non-supported operating system to run the game successfully. I have added two quick way to find your operating system version and their build no.

1. Winver.exe: 
                    It is the simplest way to find your Windows Operating system version and build no. To complete the task press the START button and R to open the Run command window. Type Winver.exe and press enter. Your result is on the screen.

 2. Command Prompt: Command = VER
                     The second quickest quick way to find your Windows Operating system version and build no is from Command prompt. To open Command Prompt open Run command window and type CMD and press enter. In the command prompt window now type VER and press enter.

Look at the screenshot "Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10240]" here Version is Windows 10 and Build no is 10240.

Thanks and stay blessed!

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