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How to Change Your WI-FI into Virtual Router?

You want to use your Internet Connection with your other device, but you do not have a routing device for some reason to share your internet with another instrument. Here is a simple solution to connect your other device through your desktop or laptop WiFi turning into a WiFi hotspot or Virtual Router.

Easy Method You Can Turn Your WiFi Into Virtual Router

In few cases, modern computer and laptop come with an Internal hotspot software included. But this help is only for you who do not have a choice both above. By turning your Desktop or Laptop into a WiFi hotspot, you can connect any device which has a WiFi access capability like as your mobile, another laptop or desktop, iPad, etc.

A router is a device that forward data packet in a packet switching network such as the internet, it's act like a dispatcher, choosing the best path for data packet travel. In some cases, software in a computer does the job to forward the data packet to its destination.

A router located at any gateway where a network meets another network. A virtual router is a software combination which does the same job, packet data transfer to its defined network in packet switching network without any help of a routing device using a WiFi device.

Today modern computers, Desktop or Laptop comes with inbuilt WiFi. If you do not have an inbuilt WiFi, then you can add one from the market as an external USB WiFi or as a network interface card which fits into your PCI slot on your desktop. Here is an easy method how you will turn your WiFi device connectivity into a virtual router.
External wifi device

Steps to Follow: Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode either following method one from pressing Windows Start(Windows) + X or go to start menu then all apps and drop down windows system folder to find the command prompt, right click on command prompt and select run as administrator.

Now type the following command or just copy this and right click on command prompt windows to paste it and press enter to execute the command. Put your SSID name in the ssid=yourssidname place and replace your password in the key=password | A new network adapter
will be added and can be found in network connection setting.
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourssidname key=password
netsh wlan start hostednetwork 
Network Connection Window: Your Microsoft hosted network virtual adapter is ready.


Now share your default Internet connection. Follow the bellow screenshot for how to share internet connection.

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