Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Earn Money From Your Website Using Google Adsense?

Before installing Adsense, there may arise a few questions in users’ minds. Let us go through them one by one.

Where does the money come from?
Many of the users think about the fact, that who is paying the money for your ads? Google does not make the payment for them. It is the advertising company or the advertisers, who make payments for those ads. The content of the website should be in accordance with the advertising company. Then the advertiser agrees to place the ads on your website, and you may earn a part of the profit. Moreover, Google also has its personalized automatic system, which can track the performance of the published advertisements. If the advertisements published are more visited by the customers, Google will place more high paying advertisements on that particular website. Google intends to look after the advertiser’s interest and performs its task accordingly.How to convert your website into a high earning platform?

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How to earn money from your website?
The content of the website must be properly chosen and inserted in accordance with the products or services. If you own a removal company, your website must contain blogs related to removal industry. The potential keyword should be included in your blogs/articles, and proper keyword research is to be done. You can use Google Adwords to select the best keywords for your blogs/articles. Without authentic and high researched content, your website would not get a high page ranking in the search engine. Keeping your website content fresh and regular updating of the content is another important aspect to get high search engine ranking. Hence, if you are keen to make money from Adsense, build your website using informative and plagiarism free content.   

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How to place the ads on the website?
Most of the users have great difficulty in understanding the placement of ads. They should be positioned very cleverly, in the websites, either on the top or bottom so that the content of the website is clearly readable. If the complete website page is filled with ads, the visitor will lose interest in clicking on those ads, and the website may lose its popularity. Placing navigational links on your website is the most traditional method of placing ads. By acquiring a proper knowledge of ads placement, your website will get more visitor’s attention.

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