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How to earn Rs.1000 daily using the Internet and flexible 1 hour of the day?

I think I will be the most suited to answer this as I have done it over the past few years and I can guide you in the right direction since I have had the experience of falling for a few scams as well.
A little background about myself, I am a working professional (marketing domain) but I do a little blogging in the part time after my work hours. I am able to spare 2 hours a day after I and my friend are done with cooking dinner.
Now, to answer your query ‘How to earn Rs. 100/- daily’ / ‘Rs. 3000 Monthly’, I would suggest few easy options that anyone can do with just <1 Hour Per Day and Internet (Decent speed is fine)
If you’re a newbie to online jobs, go instantly for Paid Online Surveys with legitimate brands like Valued Opinions, Saybucks and Toluna which almost everyone has heard of by now. It’s simple, sign up for free with a new/seperate email Id, complete your profile and wait for their emails:
Since all the research companies have strict guidelines to get only 5 survey completes per month per member, you will not be able to complete more than that. So join as many panels as you can to earn Rs. 3000 monthly, to see which are the best, browseSurveyPolice: Thousands of real reviews for real online surveys
To learn about the best online panel companies that run these survey panels, read here:Online Research Panels
You will see Research Now frequently as they are presently the most popular and reputed ones running Valued Opinions India Panels (Valued Opinions) they are decades old and I would prefer them for beginners. They pay up to Rs. 150 per survey which may last less than 45 minutes.
If you have a little more time, I have other suggestions that work from home and earn more than just Rs. 100 per day:
Not everything works for everyone. Not everyone feels comfortable with online working platforms as well. The internet and laptop/desktop may not be everyone’s preferred choice. Not everyone may have access to these.
I will try to explore different options based on my observations and experiences from my own life and of those around me and I will strictly stay away from suggesting online platforms.
How can Stay-at-home mums/wives/sisters earn? (Not meaning to be sexist, guys can do all of these equally and efficiently. *wide-toothed-smile*)
  1. Service Parlors: She can open a beauty parlor and offer her services. I once asked the price of basic parlor training from a local parlor owner. It is not much and within 3–4 months one becomes proficient. Parlors will always be in vogue and everyone respects a location close to their home and preferably in their own society. Alternatives to this can be massage parlors, spa and sauna etc.
  2. Tiffin Services: For the cooking aficionados, this might be your calling. The number of working people is increasing gradually and this provides for excellent opportunity for a small time business to flourish. Everyone needs to eat right?
  3. Tuition: If you are an educated homemaker on maternity leave or have small kids and not able to work due to some other reasons, you can start giving tuition. There are a number of tutoring platforms available online, plus, there may be kids in your location as well.
How can students earn part-time?
  1. Creative Pursuits: If creativity is your calling, you can sell your artistic creations. Patrons are always in need of logos, painted t-shirts etc. Maybe your talents can get recognized and you can begin a small thing of your own. I have friends who do this T-Shirt painting, not for selling but for their friends and all. Isn’t this how Alma Mater started?
  2. Typing Jobs: I can guarantee you this, you can earn very well about 5–7k from typing and typing along and that too, every 15 days! The difficult the language, the higher the pay. Hindi remains wildly popular. Back when my friends used to do this, the jobs came via the Cyber Cafe people who used to outsource chores like this. Now, yo may have to search to get started. Not that difficult though. All you need is a computer or laptop, and even that is optional, if you can borrow or shell out a few bucks in a cafe.
  3. Data Entry: Similar to the above but as much popular. Data Entry pays per report, starting from 700 bucks (INR) or so. These were the rates 4–5 years ago. Data Entry can be done both part-time and full-time.
I understand that some of the above options may require investments, sometimes in significant amounts. But, they are one time and will pay for themselves in the long run.
As always, you have the option of working online. If you come up with any more ideas, please leave your comments or ping me directly!

Thanks and stay blessed!

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