Friday, 3 June 2016

Map your domain to Blogger

If you have a domain name and want to map it to your blog on, here’s what you 
need to do:
Login to your account
You will now see a page with all purchases made by you on our system
Click on the domain name for which you want to map to your blog

Click on the DNS Management option to the right of this page
Click on "Manage DNS"

  1. Click on "Add A Record"
  2. Leave the Host Name blank
  3. Enter the Destination IPv4 Address as
  4. Do not make any changes to the TTL
  5. Click "Add Record"
    Blogger Setup
  6. Click on "Add A Record" again follow the same process for these IP addresses one-by-one:

    Blogger Setup

    Blogger Setup
  7. Now you need to set the custom domain name for your blog in your Blogger account. Login to your Blogger account
  8. Click on the blog to which you wish to map your domain name

    Blogger Setup
  9. Click on "Settings"

    Blogger Setup
  10. Click on "Add a custom domain"

    Blogger Setup
  11. Enter your domain name
  12. Click on "Save"

    Blogger Setup
  13. You’ll now get an error message asking you to verify your domain
  14. Blogger will provide you with 2 CNAME records

    Blogger Setup
  15. Open the BigRock "Manage DNS" panel
  16. Click on "CNAME Record"

    Blogger Setup
  17. Click on "Add CNAME Record"

    Blogger Setup
  18. Set the “Host Name” as "www"
  19. Set the “Value” as ""
  20. Do not make any changes to the TTL
  21. Click on "Add Record"

    Blogger Setup
  22. Similarly add the second record provided by Blogger
Well, you’re all set up. Your domain name will now display your blog hosted on Blogger.

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