Sunday, 11 February 2018

Whatsapp Has Enabled Payment Features In India - Here it's How?

Whatsapp has started rolling out to its users to latest features of payment system in Whatsapp which is based on UPI(Unified Payment Gateway).
Whatsapp Payment Features
Hello all,

Welcome back once again in repository of technology. This time I came with a newly invented features of Whatsapp which has launched in India now. Whatsapp has started rolling out to its users to latest features of payment system in Whatsapp which is based on UPI(Unified Payment Gateway).

How to enable this feature?

To enable this feature you have to follow below steps.
1. Ask to your friend who has already this feature and say him to invite you for UPI payment. First time it might give an error to your friend that you don't have this feature enabled but automatically they will enable the feature for you and then you are done.

2. If it didn't help you we request you to email us your Whatsapp number and we will follow the steps to enable this feature for you.

Most important thing is that now anyone can send to anyone amount using Whatsapp No in just friction of seconds and transaction will be in timely manner. this features is just like Whatsapp Voice features which were introduced 3 year ago.
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So if anyone of your friends received this features in their application so  you can directly ask them to invite you to seed this feature in your application too.

However it will get circulated soon to everyone but as this feature is still in beta program so you might be wait to hit this program to your application.

As of now company has enabled this service only for Mobile users including android and iOS not for Whatsapp web. So chances of getting the same features in Whatsapp might be late.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How to Generate Temporary E-Mail Address?

How to Generate Temporary E-Mail Address?

Hello Guys,

First of all, welcome in this repository of technology. All of us are very fast using internet now a days, but in the coming days, it may be difficult to live without it. As we continue to use the internet faster, you may have noticed that we surf every day so much, and sometime we need some important information available on internet but for that website owner asks us for registration.

My friends I would like to let you all know that every free information that we gather from internet are free but they potentially ask us our email address, and mobile numbers. Such as email registrations, mobile registrations and then making money by selling that data to others.

So today I will tell you through this post how can you save your email registration and you will get the information without any registration. For that we will use Temporary Email Services.

Temporary email is an easy and simple way to avoid spammers from your email address.

So let's start.
First of all you have to visit the given website.

Temporary email is an easy and simple way to avoid spammers from your email address.

After clicking on it, you will see a Temporary Email address on the screen. You can use this email to do any registration. This website is a very great way to avoid spammers from your mails.
Why Isn't a good way?

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Monday, 6 November 2017

PhonePe New Digital Payment Wallet App for India | Get Rs.125

PhonePe India's New Digital Payment application

What is PhonePe?

Send money to friends, instantly receive payments directly to your bank account & pay the nearby café with PhonePe, It's new digital payment app for India. Using NPCI's (National Payments Corporation of India) Unified Payments Interface (UPI), money transfers are simple & secure with PhonePe.

Why you should install it?

If you are installing it for the first/second time and sending money to your friend for the first time then you get Rs.150 of joining bonus. this joining bonus can be used to spend on Flipkart for shopping or you can use t for recharges/bills and much more.

Link to install PhonePe payment app:

If you have any problem while installing or any question regarding this post, you can comment your query in comment section or directly you can reach me at

Thanks and stay blessed!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Java SE 7 Certification Book - Download Now

It was a time when Sun Certification was very hot and programmers were proud to be Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP). When Sun changed to Oracle in the beginning of 2010, Oracle changed the names of all the examinations from the SCJP or OCRJP from OCJP, and now for OCA and OCP Java SE7. I think there is a lot of confusion between certification nowadays, but essentially they are the same level on the previous SCJP because Java facilitates new language with every new release, a new certification title is presented later.

By the way, many Java programmers also ask me, whether doing Java certification benefits in Job search or in long term Java programming role, In short, Yes, they do.

This post is not about debating Java certification, but about preparing for them. I received a lot of emails from my readers when I wrote my post My Java Certification Story, and they asked me for the suggestion on how to excel on OCPJP, books, and resource to prepare etc.

In this post, we will see a couple of good books prepare for OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) for Java SE 7 exam. In short you can call it OCPJP 7.

Following are a couple of books for Java SE 7 Certification exams. These books are pretty much standard and everyone follows them, they are also updated to cover the exact syllabus of OCA or OCP Java SE 7 exams.

1. OCA and OCP Java SE 7 Programmer I & II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 & 1Z0-804) (Certification Press) - Download

2. A Programmer's Guide to OCP Java SE 7 Certification: A Comprehensive Primer (4th Edition) - Download

After clearing your basics knowledge through above books, please go for following dumps. It will help you for scoring a very good score in oracle Java SE 7 certification.Even I could score 99% in Java certification.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Earn Money From YouTube - Here It's How?

Hello everyone,

Today I'm going to tell you guys how to make money from YouTube sitting at home. Using these tricks you can earn at least a minimum amount of five thousand Rupees (Rs.5000/-) per month.

So no worry and no tension and let's start with the process/tricks/steps:

First of all I would like to share my analytics and YouTube earnings report with you all so you all can trust me that.. YES I'M CORRECT.

Monthly Earnings from YouTube (For Last Month: August 2017):

I get paid of Rs. 7000/- approx Indian Rs from Google for YouTube videos. See below image.

Also I get paid approx Rs. 5000/- by Google Adsense in last month August 2017. See below Google Payment Receipt issued to me in the month of August 2017( August 2017 payout List).

It was all about my earnings by Google and YouTube that I shared just for a justification purpose so you can start with me.
Ok, So let's discuss about steps. How to make money from YouTube.


  1. Log In to your Google account and go to YouTube.
  2. Create a channel and give a name by using one of your favorite channel name.(you can change it later.)
  3. Now set a custom header image for your channel account.
  4. Verify your account by using your phone number. ( Keep in mind that if  you'll not verify your account using your phone number you'll not be able to upload a video max of 15 Minuit.)
  5. Now It's time to upload a video.
  6. After successful upload publish it.
  7. Then turn ON Monetization settings under Creator Studio>Channel>Monatization>Turn ON.
  8. You're done. Now Google will display automatically ads on your uploaded videos and you will earn money.
  9. Once payment there sold of 100$ will reach into account. You'll get paid.
  10. Please don't upload copyrighted video or audiovisual content, so that in return you can get blocked by YouTube.
  11. Any one if having any problem while creating/performing above task can reach me at or can Twit your problem at Twitter/Facebook.
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All the best & Happy earnings!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Google Fired An Engineer - Why?

Google has removed one of its employees, who have written 10-page documents called "Google's idealistic echo chamber", which became viral on weekends

Google has removed one of its employees, who have written 10-page documents called "Google's idealistic echo chamber", which became viral on weekends. The employee confirmed Bloomberg to his firing saying that he had been terminated for 'sustaining gender conservatism'. Google has not commented on this matter yet
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Representative Image Reuters Representative Image Reuters
After discussion on topics related to gender and diversity, the viral went to the content of the controversial content within the disputed organization. This post went to the extent of saying that women were not paid less because of any prejudice in the same situation as men, but due to the inherent psychological difference between gender.

Google is currently defending itself from a lawsuit from the Labor Department of America, which is alleging that the company systematically discriminates against women, at such a time, employing a person who only has 10-page documents Publishes to promote discrimination; it is the last thing that the company wants to deal with.
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In addition to being expected, the number mentioned in the Manifesto with many Google employees did not go down very well, the new vice president for Diversity, Integrity and Governance at Google, Daniel Brown also sent a memorandum to Google-rs on this issue . "Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values ​​and culture which we cultivate. We are clear in our belief that diversity and inclusion are important to our success as a company, and we will stand for it and commit For the long run, "said Brown

According to Rikode, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a memo saying that the employee has violated Google's Code of Conduct, and this post has crossed the line by moving forward the harmful gender conservatives in our workplace. There are signs of a group of colleagues that they are biologically friendly to work less and are not aggressive right. "The entire memo is available on the record.
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Pichai has also reduced the duration of her vacation and with her leadership team, Sundar Pichai will address Goglars in a Town Hall meeting on Thursday.


The 28-year-old had been working at the company since 2013 after achieving a PhD in systems biology from Harvard University, according to his social media profiles. He claimed he was fired in an email to far right news website Breitbart: “They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes,’” he wrote.

His 10-page document started circulating among Google employees on Friday and was first reported by tech news website Motherboard before being published in full by Gizmodo.

Monday, 7 August 2017

What is the point or advantages of connecting with other people on LinkedIn?

There are two main approaches people have when connecting with others on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Connections

There are two main approaches people have when connecting with others on LinkedIn.
  1. Is to connect with only those you know well
  2. Is to connect with everyone
Sure there are cases in between, but for the most part those are the two main strategies people use.
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There was some recent discussion about a Pro Blogger guest article I did on using LinkedIn to drive traffic back to you website, and the main reason why some only apply #1 is because they don’t want to jeopardize their top connections by having to forward along introductions from those they may not know that well.

 However, you don’t have to forward all of your introductions, and you are missing a HUGE opportunity if you don’t connect with those you may not know very well.

Why You Should Connect With Everyone On LinkedIn:

  • To be found and contacted by more professionals:
Increasing your 1st degree network grows your your 2nd and 3rd degree by millions more people.
  • To drive more traffic to your site:
Any time you update your status or profile, it shows up on the homepage of everyone you are connected to. More connections = more eyeballs.
  • To generate a TON more leads:
Simple. More connections = more potential leads
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  • To build your database:
Your database is one of your most valuable assets in business. LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts (the other “top social networking sites” don’t).
  • To create more opportunities:
So many more opportunities come in that normally wouldn’t because you are on the “top of mind” for people who might not know you that well (as opposed to the close network of people you already know).
  • To build thought leadership:
The more people you connect with, inspire, help, and influence, the bigger impact you will have on the world. This creates the potential for more recommendations, more referrals, and a bigger platform as a thought leader in your niche.
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Hope it will help.

Thanks and stay blessed!